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Italia de Ventadour 
Born on January 17, 2013
Daughter of Cyrus A.D Hause Franck 
& Emeraude A.D Hause Franck 
bandiera italiana, muro 156263
Italia comes from the prestigious French cattery "de Ventadour." 
Her name wants to give luster to her genealogy. If the Greeks and Latins have made our country the cradle of culture, so the most careful and experienced morphological selection has enabled us today to count in our breeding Italia, the daughter of a Grand International Champion (mom) and a World Champion WCF,  FIFe European Champion, Supreme Champion Loof (dad). The elegance almost snobbish, I would say French is betrayed by the irrepressible purring. When it comes to pampering, she always has something to tell: a mrs chatterbox, it will be because of the name?

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