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We care about each of our kittens , so , we expect that the adopters are able to take care of them in the same way as we have grown them.
We devote much time and attention to each kitten .
Moms - cats never have more than one litter per year.
We have a limited amount of kittens.
For this reason, the kittens are available by reservation only.

When a litter was born , in chronological order , we evaluate every booking on the list, according to the criteria established by us .
When the kittens are 7 days, they must be booked in official form .
The selection or assignment of the kitten is always following list , in order of precedence, during the 2nd month . Now, the kitten is considered already yours, but it will continue to live with us up to 84 days. The future owners of the kittens are updated with photos and videos, and they are allowed to visit the cattery all the times they want. The kitten that will become part of your family will be accompanied by Pedigree, change of ownership, certificate of good health, health card , vaccinated and wormed .

Now the kitten is yours, but if you have any questions or doubt on how to do, we remain at your disposal and we will be happy to answer you.
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